Level Up: Career Shock

Event Details:

Level Up consists of 4-5 networking events throughout the year hosted by Doane University in collaboration with YPG. The focus of these workshop events is collaboration, networking, and community building. Each event will have a guest speaker and a different interest topic.

Speaker: Charlena Miller, Doane University

TopicCareer Shock: The Underreported Factor in Why Employees Leave

Although feature-based factors such as pay, workload, and career growth are among frequently
reported reasons for voluntary turnover, research has found that career shock is one of the
most important factors in predicting voluntary turnover. A career shock can be either positive or
negative and triggers a re-evaluation of one’s career and fit within the current organization or
environment. In this session, we learn about the types of career shocks employees frequently
experience, why shocks lead to voluntary turnover intention and actual turnover, and how an
organization can assess and understand employees’ experiences of career shock and their
potential for leaving.

Where: Doane University Lincoln Campus Fred Brown Center

Time: 12 - 1 PM

Date: Nov 16, 2022

Cost: Free | Lunch is Provided

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