Lincoln Young Professionals Group Public Policy Statement and Areas of Interest

Lincoln Young Professionals Group (YPG) is a dynamic organization that strives to connect young professionals with both the community they live and their fellow professionals. To that end, Lincoln YPG believes engagement and education on public policy positions is vital to achieving that connection. The following areas of interest constitute the core of Lincoln YPG public policy involvement:

  • Economic opportunities for young professionals – Economic vitality and growth are the biggest drivers behind keeping young professionals in Lincoln. Lincoln YPG supports public policy positions that can enhance Lincoln’s ability to grow jobs, wages, and enhance competitiveness.

  • Entertainment and Recreation – The next generation of workers values a well-rounded lifestyle. The ability of a community to offer an energetic and dynamic environment with opportunities will be equally important as starting salary and benefits packages. Lincoln YPG supports public policy positions that would enhance entertainment and recreation opportunities in Lincoln.

  • Social Inclusiveness and Diversity – A diverse and balanced living environment will be important to retaining young professionals. Lincoln is an attractive and inclusive place where YP’s take ownership in the future. Lincoln YPG supports public policy issues that would lead to a more diverse workforce or community.

  • Community Growth and Development – Healthy, sustainable growth of Lincoln in areas such as housing, preservation of natural resources, transportation, and infrastructure will attract and retain young professionals. Lincoln YPG supports public policy positions that support the lives and livelihood of young professionals now and in the future.

Only through engagement and outreach on these issues can Lincoln YPG become an active voice in local, state, and national policy-making. Lincoln YPG is committed to providing educational opportunities to members regarding public policy positions affecting young professionals and reserves the right to lend its name to supporting issues that fall in the aforementioned categories.

Updated by the Lincoln YPG Leadership Council on January 6, 2021