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The Lincoln Young Professionals Group is dedicated to empowering young professionals with educational, leadership and networking opportunities. 

Lincoln keeps its young professionals here by fostering a collaborative community enriched with a bolstering economy, connectivity and endless opportunities for its people to flourish. Lincoln Young Professionals group believes in Lincoln, members can make the difference they want to see, develop a career that is pleasing to them and grow into the professional that they want to be.

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Our Mission

Empowering young professionals in Lincoln to create an energetic and dynamic environment of learning, networking and entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

Lincoln will be an attractive place in which young professionals will take ownership in its future by engaging in the community professionally, personally and philanthropically.

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What is Lincoln YPG?

Lincoln YPG is a program of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce designed to connect young professionals to other young professionals, the business community as well as the community itself.


How much does my yearly membership cost?


How large is the YPG Membership?

YPG has over 2,000 members making it the largest YP group in the state and one of the top ten largest in the country!


Who do I contact for questions or to change my contact information?

Please contact Mia Wilken at

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