The Lincoln Young Professionals Group strives to attract a diverse membership. Each of our YPG events will provide an opportunity for individuals to become a member of the Lincoln Young Professionals Group for a yearly fee of $35.

Each of our monthly networking events will be free of charge to individuals interested in becoming members of YPG. All program events (focused in Education, Entrepreneurial, Political Voice or Philanthropic tracts) may have a fee for non-members based on the cost of the event. We encourage individuals to visit one of our events and join the Lincoln Young Professionals Group!

  • Develop a Large Personal and Professional Network
  • Exposure to Philanthropic Needs & Opportunities in the Community
  • Ability to Directly Affect the Community as a Collective Voice
  • Educational Opportunities that Allow You to Develop Personally & Professionally
  • Sense of Pride in Knowing that You Helped Shape Lincoln’s Future
  • And Most Importantly FUN!

Getting Involved

Becoming a YPG member makes it easier to get involved in Lincoln!

JOIN - OR - Renew

Get $35 together in the form of a check or provide your credit card number on the form.

Mail to: YPG c/o Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
1128 Lincoln Mall, Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68508