Feb 12 2021

YP Likes: Treat Yo' Self

By Lincoln YPG in YP Likes

In the spirit of Cupid, Galentine’s Day, and self-love...YPG Likes presents our “Treat Yo-Self” edition. Just because it’s only February, doesn’t mean 2021 hasn't been a LONG year, and you deserve a break. Without further ado, we present a few of the only things we’ll leave our apartment for on a -6 degree Nebraska day. 

Lulubee Chocolates 
Lulubee chocolates are nothing short of edible art. I’ll admit, at first I was hesitant about some of the more...nontraditional flavors...until the combination of strawberry and balsamic with milk chocolate ganache literally rocked my tastebuds. Gaylene, the owner and self-described “Willy Wonka”, has a passion for decadent flavor and stunning edible design. Her almost-too-beatiful-to-eat brown butter milk chocolates are still haunting my dreams, so please, go pick up some up at one of the 6 local locations that carry them so you can try for yourself! 

Ash and Ash 
What is not to love about a new outfit? Sure, you may still be rocking the work from home look but it is time to spice it up! Look no further than Ash and Ash in Lincoln. With two convenient locations and active social media pages, you are sure to find just the right outfit. Ash and Ash has everything from holiday wear to game day attire to basics to that perfect date night outfit. While you are in the store, do not forget to check out their custom jewelry guaranteed to bling out any outfit! 

High Society Cheesecake 
There is nothing quite as decadent as a dessert from High Society Cheesecake! High Society has been one of my favorite Lincoln dessert spots for some time, maybe because everything is made from scratch. All of their cheesecake flavors are delicious but their classic Original Cheesecake is an easy favorite. They also have other fun treats like cheesecake sandwiches, cheesecake macarons, and mini cheesecakes. Can't decide on a flavor? Opt for their 9-pack mini cheesecake assortment! 

Dinner and Drinks
Treat yourself to a trip east, not all the way to Spain, but to Sebastian’s Table. Whether you opt for the paella or albondigas (spanish meatballs), just be sure not to forget the brussels sprouts. Sebastian’s Table has perfect options for yourself or if you’re looking for a family meal option to-go. This is all about treating yourself so you can’t pass up a bottle of Sangria to go. If that doesn’t cut it, check out their to-go cocktails from Eleanora’s next door. I recommend the Hibiscus Fiz, it is made with Gin, St. Germain, Hibiscus Flower, and Lime. ¡Salud! 

Bridgerton/Local Book store
Lady Whistledown would highly recommend you indulge in the delightful television binge that is “Bridgerton.” With eight episodes, this is the perfect entertainment for your Valentine’s Day weekend. Whether you watch it alone or with company, this author would humbly suggest the under-18 crowd NOT be present … unless you want to answer some blush-inducing questions. 
And if, once you’ve finished watching the series, you would like to dive further into the world of the Bridgerton family, you’re in luck! Julia Quinn, the prolific author of the Bridgerton series, has gifted the reading world with eight books following Daphne and her siblings, plus prequels that chronicle the romantic lives of their parents, uncles and aunts. You can purchase all of these books in a variety of formats, both physical and audio books, through Lincoln’s local, independent bookseller, Francie & Finch. Francie & Finch  Libro - Audio Books