You know you're a Lincolnite if...

If you live in Lincoln you experience daily, the charm of the capital city, the local arts scene, the flourishing restaurant industry and the relaxed pace of life - along with all the other things that your friends from outside of Lincoln and Nebraska just don’t quite understand. You’ve chosen to call Lincoln home for a reason. So forget what the world thinks they know about Lincoln, you know this city best.

You know you’re a Lincolnite if…

1. You get away with sleeping in late and still make it to work on time because the commute is just that minimal.

2. You’ve attempted to break Taco Tuesday and Thursday records at Knickerbockers, Fuzzy’s, 12th Street Pub, and Vega.

(Photo source: Vega Lincoln Facebook page.)

3. You have the First Friday of every month reserved for special happenings around the city including (but not limited to) art, music and appetizers.

(Photo source: Porridge Papers Facebook page.)

4. You recognize these as your official street signs.

(Photo source: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Facebook page and Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.)

5. You are proud to say this is your mayor.

(Photo source: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Facebook page.)

6. You take the phrase “Game Day” seriously.

(Photo source:

7. You know what CCQ stands for and you know where to find it.

(Photo source: Bison Witches Lincoln Facebook page.)

8. You can’t bear to miss Tuesdays during Jazz in June.

(Photo source: Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau.)

9. You like the fact that you can get just about anywhere you want to go utilizing 131 miles of trails. 

(Photo source: Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau.)

10. You take up cycling every Tuesday just so you can partake in The Nacho Ride. A bike ride dedicated to libations, socialization and of course, nachos.

(Photo source: Lincoln Journal Star.)

11.  You consider the Lincoln Marathon a holiday.

12. You use the phrases “Nebrasketball” and “GBR” in your everyday conversations.

(Photo source: Project Mayhem: Films, Music, and Sports: Nebrasketball.)

13. You hold two Guinness World Records for the Tallest and Largest Lincoln Logs Structure ever built.

(Photo source: Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.)

14. You can quote FauxPelini.

(Photo source: Twitter)

15. You consider “being happy” an everyday thing.

(Photo source: The Railyard Lincoln Facebook page.)