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Tracts of Involvement

In addition to becoming a member of YPG, individuals can also choose to extend their involvement and participate in a variety of ways.  We are always looking for dedicated members willing to go above and beyond.

YP Champion

YP Champions is a group of engaged members who are looking for enhanced opportunities to plug into Lincoln YPG and focus on their professional growth. Click here to find out who the Champion of the Month is and how you can be our newest Champion!

Project Group

Project Groups plan and execute different YPG activities throughout the year while offering members a chance to develop their skills and relationships.  Opportunities to join Project Groups are highlighted in monthly emails.

Policy Advisory Committee

Mold Lincoln’s public policy climate by addressing the city’s big issues.  YPG’s areas of interest are supporting economic opportunities for young professionals, enhancing entertainment and recreational opportunities and supporting issues that would lead to a more inclusive and diverse workforce. See YPG's Public Policy Statement here.

YPG Leadership Council

Take charge of Lincoln’s largest and most vibrant young professionals organization by becoming a member of the group that heads everything up!  Applications for new council members are available every fall with a varied number of openings each year. 



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