Jun 2 2020

Better Together. United in Solidarity.

Words escape me to describe the hardship we’ve collectively seen in 2020. I’ve spoken to Lincolnites who feel anxious, fearful, and exhausted. Many of you are parents who have had difficult conversations with your children. Others are trying to find your place in all this. Some of you have even cried in cars or at home when you had a free moment – which is increasingly rare during this pandemic. As we enter summer, we may feel that the sun rises but doesn’t shine.

I’m heartbroken to see our country look and feel the way it does right now. I’m angry at the injustice I see. I’m sad for so many who are personally impacted across the country as community leaders, business owners, and most importantly as individuals. I’m worried about my colleagues, my friends, my neighbors, and my community. 

My personal principles don’t allow me to simply watch this unfold. Racism and systemic injustice cannot be tolerated. Discrimination and acts of hate are not welcomed in Nebraska. 

Now is the time to act. Now is the time to come together to share perspectives and find ways to work collaboratively through and beyond where we are today.

You are young professionals and community leaders. Use your power to help bring disparate voices to the table for meaningful and critical local conversations. We have a voice we can use, but we also need to listen first. Listening builds mutual understanding, and there’s not enough of that right now.

The greatness of Nebraska – and of America – lies not in being more enlightened than any other state or nation, but rather in our ability to repair our faults and to make things right. Please tell your neighbors, colleagues, and loved ones how much they mean to you. Please take action and get involved to make our community stronger, more inclusive, and let us commit ourselves to build a path to a better future together.

In solidarity and united with you,


Jordan Gonzales
Chairman, Lincoln Young Professionals Group



Stay Informed & Get Involved:

Make your voice heard:

Register to vote & participate in the next Election

Take the 2020 Census

Please consider communicating strongly to your workforce this week.

Please consider giving your employees/coworkers of color extra time and space this week.


Talk About Race web portal

Anti-Racism Resources

Black History Library

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