Jun 11 2020

YPG OOTD with Violet Spader

Welcome to YPG OOTD (outfit of the day), a new series where we feature young professionals with style. If you’re a recent grad looking for workplace style inspo, or someone new to YPG and wondering what to wear to one of our events, this series is for you. Learn about what other professionals in the area wear both in the office and off duty, find your favorite new shopping spot and get inspired!

Our feature this month is Violet Spader.

Q&A with Violet Spader

Where do you work? Do you have a dress code for work, official or unofficial? Tell us what it is and what you like or dislike about it!

 I’m the sales and marketing director for the Nebraska Press Association, which is the trade organization for all of Nebraska’s daily, weekly and collegiate newspapers. Officially, our dress code is business casual, which translates to no jeans except on Friday. I enjoy the flexibility; it allows me to “dress down” for days when I’m in the office and dress up for client meetings. Most of the time, my work outfits are one of these two combinations: Blazer + sheath dress or blazer + blouse + fitted ankle length pants.

What are some of your go to outfits for work, YPG events, and on the weekends?

Most of my work outfits fall into these two combinations: Blazer + sheath dress and blazer + blouse + fitted ankle length pants (either black or navy). When I’m not working, I love dressing in vintage and retro styles.(What’s the difference? Vintage refers to the construction of the garment; retro refers to the appearance.)  I cherish my collection of true vintage dresses, like this mint green dress I purchased in New Orleans, and also enjoy modern reproductions, like this violet-printed dress I got secondhand from ThredUP. I adore getting really, really dressed up and have an extensive collection of evening gowns that I have few occasions to wear; in my opinion, Lincoln needs to have more black-tie events!

What are your favorite brands or stores to shop at? Why?

I’m an avid thrifter, so my favorite places to shop in Lincoln are Goodwill, St. Louise Gift & Thrift and Salvation Army. I also like consignment shops, including omt! divine resale, Black Market LNK Glam House and Cause for Paws Lincoln. Most of my thrifting is done online right now, and my two favorite sites are Poshmark and ThredUp. Brands I love include Anthropologie, J Peterman Company, Modcloth and J Crew, and of course, anything vintage!

Where do you get style inspiration?

I get a lot of my style inspiration online, mostly through Instagram these days. If I get catalogs in the mail, I will cut out outfits I like and assess what I currently own to recreate the look (elder millennial alert!). I’d describe my style as Leslie Knope meets the Duchess of Cambridge, with a dash of Jess from New Girl, just for fun!

What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

How can I choose! It’s a toss up between my vintage dresses, retro shoes and the tan J Crew blazer I can’t stop wearing!

What is your fashion philosophy? Are you a rule breaker or follower? Do you keep up with the trends or stick to more classic pieces?

I believe clothing is art you wear. I’m not a visual artist, but I can - and do - express myself through my wardrobe. I very rarely follow trends or rules; I believe in sustainable style that makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

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