YPG OOTD with Paige Gade

Welcome to YPG OOTD (outfit of the day), a new series where we feature young professionals with style. If you’re a recent grad looking for workplace style inspo, or someone new to YPG and wondering what to wear to one of our events, this series is for you. Learn about what other professionals in the area wear both in the office and off duty, find your favorite new shopping spot and get inspired!

Our first feature is Paige Gade, a YP Champion.

Q&A with Paige Gade

Where do you work? Do you have a dress code for work, official or unofficial? Tell us what it is and what you like or dislike about it!

I work at a law firm. Our dress code is business professional most of the time, but business casual in limited circumstances. It’s fun to wear a crisp, classic power suit and a pair of heels, but I hate how expensive suits can be for females and sometimes I feel like they stifle my wardrobe creativity. I have fun trying to see how I can wear fun statement pieces and add some personality into my outfits.

What are some of your go to outfits for work, YPG events, and on the weekends?

If I know I have a YPG event, I’ll try to wear some of my favorite pieces. I feel good when I’m wearing them and it helps me put my best foot forward at networking events. I wear a lot of black, and am typically in slacks or a pencil skirt and some sort of shell or sweater. I love tops that are easy to throw a blazer over if I need to!  On weekends I’m usually in athleisure for running errands, but I typically wear jeans with a leather jacket if I’m heading out somewhere fun with friends.

What are your favorite brands or stores to shop at? Why?

Locally, I love Select Style because I can always find unique, high quality pieces that fit my personality. For basics and my everyday wear I love J. Crew, Nordstrom, and Banana Republic.  I shop at Madewell for their jeans and fun sweaters. For the shopping I have to do online it’s important to find stores that have great return policies and free shipping.

Where do you get style inspiration?

Instagram! I also love to see how stores merchandise things. I am guilty of anchoring on a full outfit I see a store put together. I like things that are fast and easy and don’t require much thought. I wouldn’t say I have a capsule wardrobe, but most of my clothes go together without much thought.

What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

I have a cream silk blouse that fits perfectly and feels incredible. I believe it’s an absolute staple. I also love a statement coat and have a few of those, too.

What is your fashion philosophy? Are you a rule breaker or follower? Do you keep up with the trends or stick to more classic pieces?

Most of the time I’m a rule follower. I tend to think of my style as classic but I love to throw in a few trends, too. Often I’ll find a trend I love and adopt it until long after it’s gone out of style. I know what works for me so I stick to that most of the time, but I still love to push the envelope.

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