YPG OOTD with Adam Kroft

Welcome to YPG OOTD (outfit of the day), a new series where we feature young professionals with style. If you’re a recent grad looking for workplace style inspo, or someone new to YPG and wondering what to wear to one of our events, this series is for you. Learn about what other professionals in the area wear both in the office and off duty, find your favorite new shopping spot and get inspired!

Our first feature is Adam Kroft, a 2019 Lincoln YPG 4 Under 40 Award winner

Q&A with Adam Kroft

Where do you work? Do you have a dress code for work, official or unofficial? Tell us what it is and what you like or dislike about it!

redthread. We're a creative advertising agency. There are usually two different wardrobes I see the team wearing. One, if team members have no client-facing meetings, they’re encouraged to wear whatever they get their creative energy from — gym shorts, bootleg redthread apparel, Snapbacks that help us reminisce on the glory days of the Huskers. I've seen it all. The other dress code we ask the team to follow is "dress for the day." Meaning, if we have a client-facing meeting, we try and match the aesthetic of the client. If we're headed to a bank, we're putting on blouses and button-downs.

What are some of your go to outfits for work, YPG events, and on the weekends?

My outfits are pretty simple for the workday. I rotate 5 pairs of pants — dark denim jeans and Lululemon ABC Pants. Usually, I'll pair those pants with a button-down and throw a sweater on top when it's cold. Weekends are usually more focused on my love for street style. Graphic hoodies, beautiful vectors on tees, Nikes. I try to be hip and trendy when I go out in a nonwork setting.

What are your favorite brands or stores to shop at? Why?

Three totally different shopping experiences come to mind. 

1. I love the thrill of the hunt in a thrift store. The beauty of a Goodwill is you walk in and you have no clue what you're going to pull off that rack. I've pulled a $130 Naked & Famous button down for $4 at Goodwill with the tags still on it. Crazy! 

2. I'm a Maxxinista. Surprisingly, my love for TJ Maxx is hotly debated in the office. Some love the constant changing of the racks and the really well-priced items. Some can't stand the organization of the store *cough cough* Rhett. I'm a huge fan of the Maxx because of my love for surprises. Again, you'll never know what stellar pair of denim you'll find for $24.99 that used to be $124.99. TJ Maxx please sponsor me. 

3. General online shopping. Amazon. eBay. Nordstroms. DHGate. You see something you like, Google it. Chances are it'll be under the "shopping" tab on Google.

Where do you get style inspiration?

"You dress like an Alumni Dad." –AJ Matthies, redthread project manager

What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

I'm a sneakerhead at heart. I love shoes. My passion for shoes has evolved from strictly Nike SBs — I still own about 60 pairs — to Cole Haans that I can dress up or down. Shoes can make or break an outfit. 

What is your fashion philosophy? Are you a rule breaker or follower? Do you keep up with the trends or stick to more classic pieces?

I'm a coolhunter. I love trends. There's more floral appearing in my closet every week. Also, Kyle Cartwright convinced me that clothing looks cooler with elbow patches.

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