Letter from the Chair & YP Keynote Announcement

Hey YPs!
My name is Nikki Archer and I’m the current Lincoln YPG Chair. I hope you’ve enjoyed the events and programming YPG has offered so far this year. We’ve spanned discussions on policy with mayoral candidates to touring the new Cherish Nebraska exhibit at Morrill Hall’s fourth floor. We even ventured behind the secret doors in the State Capitol’s library (shh…!). Thank you for joining us on these adventures and if you haven’t had a chance to join us, we look forward to you doing so in the second half of 2019. We’re always looking for ways to highlight why Lincoln is the very best place for young professionals to thrive personally and professionally.
While we’ve committed substantial programming to exploring outside the community, we felt it was time to take the opportunity to reflect and look inside. Which brings me to our sixth annual Young Professionals Week, which will be held September 23-27.
Our leadership has carefully curated an important topic that many do not feel comfortable bringing up – our own mental wellness. It’s clear that we thrive when both our bodies and our minds are cared for – and though this seems obvious, it’s not something we discuss often. It’s important that we do our part to destigmatize self-care and mental wellness. Regarding this significant topic, I’m excited to announce that our 2019 YP Week speaker will be Ben Nemtin. Ben is a New York Times bestseller and one of the founders of The Buried Life movement and MTV show of the same name. Let me share a little about Ben:
While attending college, Ben was hit with a crippling depression that forced him to drop out of school and retreat into his parents’ house. He felt buried by school, by work and his own mind. In an attempt to feel more alive he made a list of “100 things to do before you die” with his three friends. They decided that for every bucket item they accomplished, they would help a complete stranger accomplish something on their list. They called their mission The Buried Life, after a poem which articulated their feelings perfectly – they felt buried. The foursome borrowed an RV, bought a secondhand camera so they could film the journey and hit the road for two weeks one summer to tackle their list. What happened next was a mix of luck and magic. People started to hear about their quest and wanted to help. Total strangers stepped up to assist them with their bucket list and others reached out asking for help with their biggest dreams.

That two week road trip started a movement that fueled Ben and his friends to continue to check things off their bucket list and help others for the next decade. From playing basketball with President Obama to singing the National Anthem at a major stadium; from raising over $400,000 for charity to placing a record-breaking $250,000 bet on roulette—Ben has learned that by doing what you love, you inspire others to do what they love.
We hope his message will leave you feeling thoughtful and inspired. The next day following this event we will have a panel discussion addressing some of the same topics and featuring local resources. I hope to see you at YP Week 2019.
Nikki Archer,
Lincoln YPG Chair

For more information or to register for the event, please click here.